DNA Storage Architecture and Methods

We are developing methods for reliable and efficient encoding, random access, and decoding of digital data stored in DNA. We are also developing a fully automated whole system architecture.

As part of this research we have been encoded many cool data items such as a video from the OK Go band, books from Project Gutenberg, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, archival quality songs from the UNESCO Heritage Montreux Jazz Archive, etc. Please let us know if you have ideas for interesting and relevant data items!



Luis Ceze
Karin Strauss
Researcher, MSR
Affiliate Professor
Georg Seelig
Associate Professor
Yuan-Jyue Chen
Yuan-Jyue Chen
Bichlien Nguyen
Bichlien Nguyen
Chris Takahashi
Chris Takahashi
RSE/Principal Investigator
Siena Dumas Ang S
Siena Dumas Ang
Princeton PhD program
Elizabeth Gino E
Elizabeth Gino
Randolph Lopez R
Randolph Lopez
co-Founder/CTO A-Alpha Bio
Rob Carlson R
Rob Carlson
Doug Carmean D
Doug Carmean
David Ward
Georgia Tech MS Program
Jeff Nivala
Research Assistant Professor