DNA Circuits

We are exploring new approaches to build complex DNA circuits by using automatic microfluidic hardware and array-based DNA synthesis technology.

We aim to engineer robust and scalable circuits, including a binary neural network, using PurpleDrop, our automated microfluidic device. PurpleDrop allows us to programmatically separate each computation spatially in small droplets. This spatial control avoids interference between components in different droplets. It could also increase the reaction speed between components that are in the same droplet.

We are also building large scale DNA logic gates made from array-based DNA synthesis. Traditionally, preparing DNA gate complexes is very time-consuming, because every component needs to be annealed and gel-purified separately. To address this, we are developing a new enzymatic approach to make hundreds to thousands of DNA gates in parallel from array-based DNA synthesis.


Yuan-Jyue Chen
Yuan-Jyue Chen
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Johannes Linder
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Aaron Liu
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